Spells to get your ex back: Bring back lost lover spells

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Spells to get your ex back; I  can help you get you get lost love back in 24 hours ? It’s hard to part ways with someone who means the world to you; this spell to bring back ex can help you to get back your ex-lover. All you have to do is to make your intentions pure and seek helps

Bring back lost lover spells

Lost lover spells: Spells to get your ex back

#1 Bring back my love spells without ingredients.


Sit down somewhere comfortable.

Gently close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.

Imagine a picutre of the lost lover you want this bring back lost love spell to help you get back. Imagine a clear picture of that person in your mind. Imagine how his/her face shines when smiling  in the light, imagine the way their eyes rolls when they smile, Imagine such scenarios as much as you can, this helps you to build a specific picture of the lost lover you want to get back.

When you feel like you have got a clear picture of the lost lover in your mind, now Imagine him/her standing right in front of you, holding both of your hands.

Looking deeply into his/her eyes, say the following words:


“The love of my life (mention his/her names) I want you to get back to me; Just like you are holding my hands in my mind, I want to actually feel your precious hands in mine. Feel the love in my hands and find your way back to.So Mote it Be.”

In your mind, imagine the person that you want to get back to you calmly hugging you.

Gently open your eyes to end the spell.

Repeat this process every week until your lost lover reyurns. Reaches. Each time you repeat this spell to bring back ex

Imagine the ex-lover or lost lover in a different scenario, this will help you to build a clearer image of him/her in your mind to make the spell more powerful.


#2 Candle spells for lost love to Bring back lost lover

Bring back lost lover spell to get lost love back in 24 hours

Candles are great ingredients of a lost love spell and for many centuries they have been used by professional spell casters and astrologers around the globe.  Just like Red rose flowers represent love, Red candles represent pure love whent it comes to love spells.  Candle love spells to get a lover back are so powerful to the extent that results manifest within a very short period of time and they are strongly in line with your intentions. Pink candles are also good to use for magic spells lost love or return lover spell.

Using candle

to bring back your lost love can reconcile you with that special person you love.

Ingredients needed for candle spells for lost love




Candle holder

How to cast a bring back lost lover spell in black magic using candle: Spells to get your ex back.


Find an empty room, sit down facing the on the floor and put your ingrendient just infront of you.

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths and after open your eyes calmly

Put the candle in your right hand palm gently.

Stretch out your left hand strongly into the air, that way you are connecting you candle with the universe

Imagine and visualise in your memories the picture of your ex-lover

After getting a clear picture of your lover, imagine him/her coming back to you smiling and yarning to hug you.  At this point, the love energy is coursing through you.

Move your free left hand to clasp the candle.

Keeping the candle between both hands, Recite the following word:

Hello my love (mention his/her names)

I need you in my life, I need you by my side

Please come back to me

Forget our differences/misunderstandings,  come back into my life.  Am casting this return lost lover spell

this spell with pure love and with pure intention to get you back in my life. So mote it be.

Repeat the recitement two times to ensure effeciency of this/the Spells to get your ex back

Place the candle in its holder and let it burn up to at least half of its length while you are sited watching it burn.