Real attraction love spells without ingredients in USA Montana

Hi, my people, welcome to Nile spells. My name is Baba Iwumbwe, I have been sharing a few of my best rituals and spells recently, at Nile spells, we have created a simple but very strong protection jar, a honey jar spell for love, a self-love jar spell. Real attraction love spells without ingredients in USA Montana

Real attraction love spells without ingredients in USA Montana

In today’s article, I want to talk mainly about a powerful love spell called love charm which will attract love to you.

It’s important to note that when casting spells, it’s all about projecting your intention and sending that powerful energy out into the world so that you can manifest your intended results. We don’t recommend trying to bind people to you or trying to use magic to manipulate someone into loving you as this usually doesn’t always benefit either parties. Our love spells are all about projecting the loving energies out into the world, and believing that the universe will find a way to reflect those energies back to the spells caster.

Ingredients needed to perform this spell

  •  Lodestone or magnet
  • Red pouch
  • Love oil



Process of casting this spell. Real attraction love spells without ingredients in USA Montana

Take the love oil and put a few drops into the palms of your hands.

Next, get the lodestone or magnet and slowly cover the stone with oil.

keep smearing the oil all over the stone or the magnet and as you are rubbing, form a clear image of the person whom you want to attract with in your mind and imagine how sweet it would feel to have him or in your life as girlfriend or boyfriend. Imagine the moments you would sharer together and the conversations you would have as if the person were already there.

Real attraction love spells without ingredients in USA Montana

Once you confirm that you have got your focus and anxiety fully in control, say out the following statements

“Just like a magnet attracts other magnetic materials, let me attract this love towards myself


New love and romance


May it come out true”


Imagine the intention and energy of the love you have been visualizing pouring into the stone or magnet as you repeat the words.

Redo the incantation four times and then take the magnet or lodestone and place it into the red pouch.

add a few additional drops of the love oil onto the pouch and then either carry the pouch with you or place it by your bedside.

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The sweet feeling of finding true love is like finding light in life because true love keeps reminding you of the everlasting happiness of love and life.

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