Bring back lost love spell free: How to cast a lost love spell

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Bring back lost love spell free.I can help you get back your ex-lover. It is painful to realise you were not important as thought to someone who makes up your world. This spell can help you to get back your ex-lover. It is important to note that for this spell to work, you to believe that it will actually work.

Lost lover back


Bring back lost love spell free, Reunite with your Ex lover

Do you want to reunite with the person you broke with, this article will guide about strong Lost love spells will help you to reunite with your ex lover in a very short period of time


Powerful lost love spells

#1 love  love spell to bring back ex without ingredients


Sit down somewhere quiet and peaceful

While seated, take 5 deep breaths.

Mediate a picutre of your ex lover whom you want this “bring back lost love spell” to help you get back. Mediate a fine imaginary picture of your lost love in your thoughts. Imagin  him/her in a happy stiuation, for example imagine his/her sharming face when he/ she smiles, Imagine his/her beauty when you kiss on his/her cheek, etc. Mediate such stiuations as much as you can, this helps you to come up with a solidd a picture of the lost lover you want to get back.

Once you get a soild picture of the Ex-lover, now imagine that person standing in front of your eyes, holding your hands together.

Imagine looking straight into the lost lover”s eyes and say out the following words to him/her.

“Dear my love (say out his/her names) come back into my life; Just like we are holding our hands together, I want you to actually hold my hands and feel their love for you .So Mote it Be.”

In your mind, imagine the lost lover or ex-lover that you want to get back deeply kissing you.

Gently open your eyes to end/stop the spell.

Redo this process once in two weeks until you bring back your lost lover: Bring back lost love spell free

Lost love spell caster in us


#2 Easy return a lost love spell

Ingredients for easy return a lost love spell

  • A piece of blank paper.
  • A pen (red if you have it).
  • An envelope. If you don’t have one, use a 2nd sheet of paper and make your own.
  • Your favourite scent. This can be a perfume, an essential oil, a squeeze of the oil from a lemon zest, whatever you have that you love the smell of and invokes a good feeling for you.


Easy return a lost love spell Method

  1. Get a quiet and peaful to work. Do you hobby from their to put you into a happy and relaxed state of mind.
  2. Sit on the ground and take 5 deep breath with your eyes closed,
  3. Open your eyes.
  4. Get the piece of paper and using a pencil, write down everything about your lost lover, Write things like his/her names, date of birth, religion tribe etc.
  5. Now close your eyes and imagine the picture of your lost lover you want to get back.
  6. Focus strongly until you get a clear imaginary picture of your lover in your mind
  7. Once you have a clear picture, and while your eyes are still closed, say out the following words:

“Hello (say out his/her name) I still love you and I want you to come back into my life; Feel my love for you and let it guide you back to me, So mote it be”

Fold the paper, and put it into your envelope

  1. Kiss the envelope and put it in a safe place.
  2. Once you’re your lover comes back to you, burn the envelope and discard the ash away from your living space.

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This spell can bring back your lost lover; you can as well call it a Bring back lost love spell free or a bring back lost lover spell . When someone you truly love breaks up with you, People will tell you that you will get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. I recommend that this spell should not be cast by a person o f no magic background or experience or by someone with no esoteric experience