Casting a break up spell with lemon to split up a relationship

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What is a break up spell with lemon?

A Break up spell with lemon is a reliable spell used by people who want to break up with their partners or spouses. A big number of people believe that lemon spells can be more effective than the usual break up spells because they are easy and require no difficult ingredients other than a lemon and water.

Lemon spells have been in practice for thousands of years, It is perceived that all types of lemons can be used as ingredients in casting this spell.

Lemon spells are relatively simple spells. You just need a lemon, some salt, and the person’s full name written on a piece of paper.

Lemon is a major ingredient for lots of spells, but it works well in break up spells.

Love spells are a type of magic that has been in practice for thousands of years, but it has increased in popularity in the modern times. A breakup spell with lemon is one such kind of love spell, and it is used to break up a relationship. This spell works well the relationship has become soar and one of the partners want to get released from the relationship because of a number of reasons including cheating and abuse

Lemon break up spell


How to break up an unwanted relationship using lemons

Ingredients needed in this spell






Method of casting a spell to split up a relationship with lemon

Cut the lemon in two halves using a knife, squeeze one lemon piece at a time so that the lemon juice drips into the bowl, add some little water to the lemon juice in the bowl, add some salt also into the lemon juice, now stir the bowl so that the ingredients in it can mix up well. After you are done stirring, hold the bowl with both of your hands and say out the following words, “Hello (partners name), I feel am done with this relationship and I don’t want it any more, have prepared this juice with sour feelings just like this lemon juice, and I want this juice to end this relationship, So mote it be”.

Now do one of the following:

Put a little fresh lemon juice on your partner’s toothbrush and put it back in the place where they easily find it. Your partner will start looking for a new relationship for them after brushing using that tooth brush.

Pour very little lemon juice on your partner’s pillow and leave their bed unmade in the morning. This is possible if you are staying at the same place.

Put some little lemon juice on their car seat, or pour little unnoticeable juice in their shoes, coat pockets before he/she goes out for the day or night.

When a person split up with a partner, he/she line flash back on the memories and try to figure out what he/she might have done wrong. People also keep questioning themselves about whether or not they made the right decision. Many people get themselves silently spying at their ex’s lives to see if they are really happy with their new partner, I advise that you cast this spell when you definitely sure that you are really done with you partner in order to avoid such regrets.


Lemon break up spells are a kind of a love spells, which is used to make a couple split up. The spellcaster should perform the spell by using lemons and water, which will then be used as an ingredient for the lemon break up spell.

Break up spell with lemon to split up a relationship


The Power of Lemons in Magic Spells

Lemons are one of the best and effective ingredients for magical spells. Lemons are simple yet powerful ingredients in spells casting. The strong effect of lemons in magic spells is amazing. Lemons can be used in a variety of different ways. You can do the lemon magic spells for love by adding the juice of one lemon to your bath water, drink it in hot water, or just carry it with you for protection.

Lemons bring about feelings of happiness and freshness in people, which is why they are often used in spells for love especially break up spells to end a toxic relation and bring happiness to both partners.