Casting a break up spell: How to cast a break up spell

A break up spell can cause a separation of a couple or spouses without any conflict or fight. When you think of a relationship ending, you probably picture a dramatic fight, cheating, or two people who just can’t stand the sight of each other anymore

Break them up spell

Do break up spells really work?

The answer is yes, a spell to separate a couple or a spell to make someone break up with you really works. As with all spells, it’s advisable to cast spells when your mind is calm as much as possible. Therefore if you have a pet that needs a walk, a baby that needs to breast feed, an admitted sick friend in the hospital that needs a visit, an urgent work meeting that needs to be attended, you should try to attend to any or all of those possible focus distracting matters before you start your spell work.

 To stop a relationship from going deeper

Many people prefer to break up a relation because they the fear to give false hope of commitment to their partners. They actually feel bad to make promises they may not be able to keep, especially on the other end of a person who is ready for a mature serious relationship

Forget the feelings of an EX-lover

When the memories of you EX- lover keep haunting you, a healing break up spell makes all the difference.  For permanent results, you need to perform this break up spell effectively in the right way to avoid mistakes.

Cast a spell to break up a couple

It is possible to break up a marriage or couple, this spell is powerful enough to make them break up.  You can cause their separation without them knowing its you causing it. Its important to note that you need full and accurate information in order to cast a spell to break up a couple or marriage effectively and permanently, any mistake could cause a back fire of negative consequences, so I advise you to seek the help of a professional spells caster

spell to make someone break up with you

Spell to make someone break up with you

There comes a time when you have got to move on from a relationship because of many reasons, the reasons can include loss of love for your partner, found someone better, desire to take a break from relationships etc.. The problem comes in when you want to break up or sepreate with your partner in peace and on good terms without conflicts. A potent break up spell can make your partner ask for a peaceful breakup on good terms, this is helpful when you want him/her to initiate the separation because you don’t want to look like the bad person and betrayer.

Stop abusive relationship

It can be hard to decide when to end a relationship. However if you are going through more tough time than happy moments, it may be time to consider a break up and you move on for the better.  Definitely, only you can decide if your relationship isn’t working to your expectations. If you have tried to talk things through with your partner and still feel upset much of the time, it may be a final sign that the love affair has come to its end. Break up magic will help you to put an end to an abusive relationship/marriage with quick results.

Put a boring marriage to an end

If you no longer have the feelings for your partner, or if the factors that attracted you and made you fall in love are now upsetting you, then its an ultimate signal that you should break up. When once a happy marriage is now full of misery, disrespect, conflicts, fights, mistrust and frustration, then you know the marriage has run its course and its high time you end the marriage through peaceful but powerful break up charm.

Ingredients of a break up charm

Picture of the couple you want to break up

Match box

Small clean transparent tin.


How to do a break up spell with pictures: Step by step guide


Sit down somewhere comfortable.

Close your eyes and take 5 deep, calming breaths.

Try to clear your mind completely.

When you feel that your mind is calm to its best level, open your eyes and look into the picture of the couple you want to break up. Look at the picture quietly until you are deeply immersed in these feelings of the separation spell

I’m calling for a separation of you (male’s name) and you (female’s name). I don’t want you to be together because of (you mention the reason why you want the couple/spouses to break up).  I call for opposite love interests for both you, your love desires will take you to opposite sides of the universe and you will lose interest for each other.

After the recitement, burn to the picture into ash, put some of the ash particles in a tin and go out to an open place/field, put the ash on your hand right hand and blow it into air.

Disclaimer about a spell to separate a couple

Please note that it’s not safe to cast this break up spell by yourself,  I advise you to seek the help of a professional spells caster, When you cast a break up spell, you create a bridge which connects your soul to an invisible side of the world.  Any mistake done while casting this spell can turn into self curse which can be inform of misery, poverty, sickness etc.. My services provided are only available for those people above the age of 18 years.