Powerful Break up spell chants: Black magic break up spell

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Break up spell chants are a strong and effective spells to break up a relationship, marriage or couple. This spell can as well help you to get rid of a toxic relationship.

Break up spell chants

Can black magic break a relationship?

Black magic can make a good break them up spell given that the casting is done correctly. It is important to not that you need the help of an experienced break up spell casters when using black magic in casting a break up spell because black magic consist of black energy which could back fire if a mistake is made.

How to cast Break up spell chants

Ingredients needed to cast Break up spell chants

White handkerchief

Pair of scisors

Method of casting Break up spell chants

Find somewhere quiet preferably a room, sit down on the floor and put the handkerchief and the pair of scisors just infront of you.

Take four deep breaths while your eyes are closed.

Hold the handkerchief in your left hand.

Stretch out your empty right hand high enough into the air,

Imagine and visualise in your head the picture of the couples/spouses you want to separate.

After getting a clear imaginary picture of the couple or spouses you want to break up or separate, imagine them having a fight or a bad argument

Move your free feel right hand to clasp the handkerchief with both hands

Keeping the handkerchief between both hands, Recite the following words:

Hello (mention their names)

I want you to break up as a couple, I don’t want to see you together

Seeing you together annoys me

Forget each other and take opposite paths.  Am casting this return lost lover spell

With pure love and with pure intention to break up a couple. So mote it be.

Repeat the recitement two times.

After reciting, cut the handkerchief using the pair of scisors while you are sitted


Spell to break up a couple


There are many ways of casting a spell to break up a couple or marriage, these include break up spell hoodoo, break up spell using egg, break up spell using picture, break up spell using egg, and many more other kinds.  It is crucial to note that for any spell to work, all conditions must be met and the necessary steps must be taken carefully without any error.

Black magic break up spell  to break up a relationship


I, spellcaster Baba, I have cautioned you enogh times that is not safe for you try to cast a spell to break up a couple by yourself. When you use black magic, you create a bridge with connects your soul to an invisible and terrifying world where misery, sadness and curses exist..


Do break up spells really work

Yes they break up spells work perfectly well, There are many forms of break up spells which you can use to break up a couple or marriage, all these  forms work give results depending on the circumstance and the experience of the spells caster.

Break up spell chants

How to do Break up spell chants

There are many forms of break up spells and each form has its own process, just like I stated at the beginning of this article, these spells include lemon break up spell hoodoo, break up spell using egg, break up spell using picture, break up spell with lemon.